Reverse Diabetes Naturally Digital Download

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Board-Certified Preventive Medicine Specialist Reveals Nine Ways to Kick Your Insulin Dependence and Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally

Learn how to:

  • Be concerned about prediabetes, even if your fasting blood sugar is below 100
  • Drink liquids that can dramatically affect your metabolic system
  • Recognize and offset neuropathy, or impaired sensation
  • Avoid stress, which can raise your blood sugar levels
  • Find powerful resources for better living, personalized help and coaching, and pointers in maintaining a new and improved lifestyle

30 min. MP4 video. FREE study guide included!

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2 reviews for Reverse Diabetes Naturally Digital Download

  1. drkoach

    drkoach (verified owner)

    This digital download is a part of the Lifestart Seminar 12 part DVD. I was able to download it to my iPad and use it as a teaching tool to help my clients. Please don’t keep it to yourself share it. Not all the time I can use my laptop with the DVD but I carry it around. As a chaplain and health coach who have a concern for souls, the Lord have been giving me inspirations and I put them into practice. I’m able to share it in a purest sense, as how the author would love to keep it. Working under his leadership at Weimar, I’m so thankful that the Lord has blessed him with the gift of sharing this information for us at such a low cost. We are without excuse. Get a copy today study it and download his FREE materials and share.

  2. davinder pal singh

    this information is so helpful for me

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