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Board-Certified Preventive Medicine Specialist Reveals 9 Ways to Kick Your Insulin Dependence and Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally

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Are you tired of keeping up with your diabetes medication?

Maybe you are hoping to find a more natural way to manage—or even reverse—your type 2 diabetes.

11-diabetesMaybe you’ve had diabetes for years and are worried about your circulation, your vision, your digestion, or your kidney function.

You might even have your glucose levels under control, but you worry about the many side effects of diabetes medication.

Or perhaps you’re facing gestational diabetes, and it’s caught you by surprise!

Whatever your situation, don’t you wish there was a sustainable, inexpensive way to reduce your medication costs and dosage, and to feel better in general?

We’ve got good news for you.

It is possible to manage, improve, and even reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.

You can watch your numbers improve and your wallet grow as you spend progressively less on medicine or expensive dietary modifications.

While optimal vitality can sometimes seem unattainable to those who suffer from diabetes, LifeStart is here to show you how you can scale the ladder to ideal wellness.

The Troubling Reality

11-diabetesOur country has seen an increase of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in the last few decades. It’s considered one of America’s great epidemics.

There are roughly 20 million adults with diabetes and 40 million who are in the process of developing this metabolic disorder (sometimes called “prediabetes”).

And these numbers are expected to increase. Right now, insulin-resistant diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death for Americans.

Statistics will essentially tell you that those with diabetes are twice as likely to die as those who don’t have the condition.

And for those that live with the disease, serious complications can haunt them and keep them from living quality lives. It can be hard to thrive when you’re worried about, or suffering from:

Many people think of losing a foot when they think of severe diabetes, and that’s an accurate correlation. 60-80,000 amputations occur each year because of diabetes alone.

Thousands of others suffer from severe burning or tingling sensations in their extremities that make it hard for them to work or even sleep. Nearly 20,000 new cases of blindness each year result from the way diabetes can damage small blood vessels, or capillaries.

And the worst part is, millions who are developing this disease are likely unaware of it. Prediabetes has no symptoms, so many will have no idea of their condition until they receive health screening, find out their bloodwork results after coming to the doctor for something unrelated, or end up experiencing the harmful side-effects and symptoms of full-blown diabetes (such as persistent hunger, thirst, and urination).

But There’s Hope!

While the reality can be disheartening, we at LifeStart are here to tell you that you can do much to reduce your risk of diabetes or even reverse your condition simply by making the right lifestyle changes. There are natural remedies that are easily available to us, and most of them don’t cost us anything!

  • Just quitting smoking will improve your body’s metabolic environment.
  • Abstaining from sweetened drinks prevents spikes in blood sugar.
  • Making sure you get enough sleep can reduce the body’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone that also causes your blood sugar to rise.
  • Monitoring your intake of certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D or magnesium, can affect your body’s endocrine responses.

And there’s so much we can do in the areas of diet and exercise that can yield lasting health benefits. Improvements in these areas will not only reduce diabetes risk factors and improve metabolism, but your overall health will be significantly enhanced. You can achieve wellness and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

LifeStart Covers All the Bases

lifestart-acronymThe toolkit to fight most of today’s debilitating diseases lie in the LifeStart acronym. LifeStart represents starting life anew, with confidence that you are in control of your body and you can decide how it’s treated.

Get Empowered!

30 minutes could change your life for the better. Surely you can make time for something like that.

I’ve helped numerous people overcome their diabetes naturally by implementing simple changes in their habits that gradually reverse their condition. When I worked at a diabetes center, I worked with patients that were eventually able to get off their insulin altogether. And I want to offer that help to you, too.

You’re invited to meet me at, where you can attend a 30-minute presentation called Reverse Diabetes Naturally that will provide you with the tools to start your plan of attack against diabetes.

And the best part? It’s FREE!

You can attend this seminar online in the comfort of your own home. For best results, however, I recommend you connect with a local support center and surround yourself with a community of supportive peers. Click here to get started, and to gain access to the accompanying resources and study guide.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to take the reins of your lifestyle and overcome diabetes—as well as many other health issues!

About the Presenter

David DeRose, MD, MPH
Host, LifeStart Seminars

For over 25 years Dr. David DeRose has been helping people improve their health through motivational presentations and natural therapies. He brings solid credentials as a board-certified specialist in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine in addition to holding a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Promotion and Health Education. Known for his engaging presentations, Dr. DeRose is an award-winning public speaker, published medical researcher, syndicated talk radio host, and experienced college teacher.

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