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Cancer has likely crossed all of our paths in one way or another. We all know someone who is either fighting it, or, sadly, we know someone who died from it.

09-cancer2Are you dealing with a cancer scare yourself, or has a friend or loved one recently been diagnosed?

I bet you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do. The emotional turmoil that comes with such news can be overwhelming.

For most of us, just the word “cancer” makes us uneasy or downright fearful. So many of the cases were hear about are not positive. And cancer rates are still on the rise

But is it really so crazy or far-fetched to prevent cancer—or even reverse it? While it is a very, very serious disease, there are ways we can fight back.

Medical research has clearly demonstrated that there’s actually plenty each of us can do to prevent cancer naturally. These things are easy and have no cost. You will, however, need willpower and support.

lifestart-acronymAnd that’s what LifeStart is all about. We’ll guide you through these nine essential tools to plan your attack against cancer, as well as empower you to:

  • improve your overall state of health
  • avoid expensive medical bills associated with cancer treatments
  • help others who may be at risk of getting cancer

The LifeStart program is FREE, and it’s been proven. The strategies that LifeStart are designed specifically to strengthen your immune system—the number one key to preventing cancer, or any other major disease. And we’ll go over that in my free 30-minute seminar that will put you on the cancer-fighting path.

Today’s Recipe for Disaster

We first have to realize that we all of us live in a fast-paced society where it’s all too easy to forget that the lifestyle choices we make today will inevitably affect our health tomorrow—in dramatic ways. It’s easy to feel like we’re too busy to even consider making healthier lifestyle choices, so we succumb to convenience foods and sedentary habits, and we usually cut into our sleep time if we’re behind on work or household duties.

These things may seem unavoidable or hard to change. But if your very health and vitality is at stake, what are you willing to change?

There’s no denying it: Our lifestyle choices are a primary reason for why cancer rates are at an all-time high. Today, in fact, cancer has become the number one cause of death in the United States, surpassing even heart disease. And for those who actually beat the odds and survive cancer, the costs are nearly always astronomical:

  • sky-high medical bills
  • major work or career interruptions
  • change in appearance
  • uncomfortable treatments

Back to the Basics

09-cancerCancer affects us on a fundamental, systemic level by damaging our cells. So it would make sense that a basic, overarching approach such as LifeStart would work best at addressing it. With a few simple but strategic choices, you can build up your immune system so that your body is able to resist cancer…NATURALLY. No drugs. No weird diets. No expensive treatments. Just simple, straightforward lifestyle choices.

Building your body’s immune system in order to prevent cancer is surprisingly easy. And while it’s not rocket science, it most definitely takes advantage of the latest findings in medical research.

It pretty much boils down to this: making good choices about lifestyle and asking the right questions. We’ll highlight three major areas in which all experts agree can directly affect your cancer risk factors:

  • obesity
  • poor nutrition
  • sedentary lifestyle

But there’s also so much more. Just as our lives are complex and interwoven, so must be the fundamental remedy.

But just because it’s complex doesn’t mean it’s difficult. LifeStart makes sense, and that contributes to its high success rate. I’ve seen it work for so many of my patients.

So let’s get to work. And remember: if you suspect that something is amiss, don’t let your fears stop you from seeing your doctor. It is very possible to have cancer without even realizing it until it gets worse. But one of the most important things to keep in mind about cancer is that in nearly every case, we have time to fight it—successfully—if we catch it early on.

Time to Take Action

Here’s your chance to start your cancer-fighting, life-improving strategy, and it only takes 30 minutes to begin.

I’m sure you still have many questions, as cancer is such a complicated, inconvenient and frustrating condition to deal with. So join me at to attend my free seminar, Prevent Cancer Naturally.

You can attend this seminar online in the comfort of your own home. For best results, however, I recommend you connect with a local support center and surround yourself with a community of supportive peers. Click here to get started, and to gain access to the accompanying resources and study guide.

Take this opportunity to get your questions answered by a health-care professional and take steps that will improve your lifestyle.

About the Presenter

David DeRose, MD, MPH
Host, LifeStart Seminars

For over 25 years Dr. David DeRose has been helping people improve their health through motivational presentations and natural therapies. He brings solid credentials as a board-certified specialist in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine in addition to holding a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Promotion and Health Education. Known for his engaging presentations, Dr. DeRose is an award-winning public speaker, published medical researcher, syndicated talk radio host, and experienced college teacher.

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