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Banish Stress and Depression, Welcome Productivity, and Feel Better Than Ever Before—9 Steps Medically Proven to Improve Your Life

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Do you want to be more highly focused, have a clearer head, be able to make better decisions, and make them quicker?

03-mental3Have you ever wanted to be more confident and more relaxed?

Do you wish you had a better memory?

Maybe you want to be able to perform better under stress.

You might also be thinking, “Well sure…doesn’t everyone? But it’s not just something you buy a magic pill for.”

And you’d be absolutely right.

Maximizing Mental Performance would be useful to everyone, and I can’t think of anyone who would answer “no” to the above questions.

But I’m sure it’s true that some of us worry about these things more than others. And because there is no magic pill, it’s easy to become discouraged.

Perhaps you worry that your mental competence is slipping.

Maybe you’ve been under a lot of stress and feel unproductive or helpless in your circumstances.

Well, I’m here to give some good news. Maximizing Mental Performance is possible, and the journey doesn’t have to cost you any money or take up large amounts of your time.

Today’s Mental Pressure Cooker

03-mental2If you live in the United States, you’re likely accustomed to being super busy or under pressure to perform well, whether it be work, family, education, or social.

We may feel driven, but we’re always on the go and can easily get worn out. We may get to a point where we start to think, “I just can’t do this anymore.”

In fact, millions today struggle with mood disorders, such as depression. The latest numbers tell us that even 3 million teenagers are facing clinical depression. Our environments our stressful and our lifestyles do not contribute to tranquility. Our lifestyles can even cause chemical imbalances that directly affect our cognitive abilities and our moods.

Several others deal with anxiety disorders or memory issues. And while not all of them have clinical diagnoses, it is extremely common to have periods of low mood, of discouragement, of overwhelm, or a general, persisting feeling of being “on edge.”

And medication and counseling are readily available. But I’ve known several people who struggle with mood problems who tell me, “I just can’t afford medication.” or “I can’t deal with the medication’s side effects.” or “Support groups just don’t fit in my busy schedule. I’ve got kids, work, family obligations…it would just end up causing more stress. Another thing on my to-do list.”

Sometimes it might feel like there’s nothing you can do—you’re just stuck.

A Better Prescription

But no matter your circumstances, no matter what challenges you face, there is help for you as far as stepping up your cognitive processing.

Even if you’re dealing with mood disorders or mental health issues, in my 30-minute presentation we will put tools in your hands that can help you be successful in improving your cognitive function. There are simple strategies that can boost your mood and help you perform better.

lifestart-acronymNow I’m not telling you to throw away your medication or cancel all your doctor appointments, but I am telling you this: there is hope for improvement. The approach we’re offering, free of charge, is a nine-part set of interconnected factors called LifeStart. And within each of the nine steps are cognitively energizing strategies.

The L in LifeStart stands for liquids. We’ll talk about a single beverage that is more desirable than any other for optimal mental performance.

We’ll talk about Interpersonal Relationships. We’ll talk Food. Yes, there are food choices you can make that, some within a matter of minutes, can actually improve brain function. Other consumables can trash your cognitive performance in a very short time.

Exercise is powerful as far as optimizing brain health. Then there’s Sunlight. And Temperance. Certain things you should avoid completely that undermine cognitive processes. A is for fresh Air. R is for Rest, T is for Trust.

LifeStart is All-Encompassing

The LifeStart program is FREE, and it’s been proven by medical science. Since today’s average lifestyle actually hinders our cognitive abilities, it makes sense that the way to improve our state of mind is through a holistic, fundamental approach. The nine simple elements of LifeStart are intended specifically to strengthen your mental powers—and put you on the road to a happier, more rewarding future mentally, physically and emotionally.

You CAN:

  • reach your peak mental performance
  • improve your memory
  • be more relaxed, even in stressful environments
  • achieve a higher level of fitness and wellness

And it’s easier and simpler than you might imagine.

But there are exceptions . . .

03-mental4One necessary disclaimer: If you have serious mental health issues, or if you’re contemplating suicide or harming yourself or others, don’t wait to watch this presentation. Right now, get on the phone and call a mental health hotline. You can even call 911. Just get help! We want you to be okay and to know that there is help available.


Get Empowered!

If you want to ramp up your ability to perform better mentally, then check out the LifeStart program. It really works! These are nine highly strategic lifestyle changes you can stick with. Even in today’s stress-filled society, even if you have a family history of mental illness, you can make significant improvements—and in a relatively short period of time.

Remember, we’re not promoting any product. This is all about tactics you can apply to your own lifestyle. This is about embracing the fundamental facts about mental health and well-being that have been PROVEN to work.

I invite you to meet me at, where you can attend Maximize Mental Performance Naturally, a FREE 30-minute seminar in which I’ll discuss the tools you’ll need to improve your cognitive function, enjoy health and vitality, and avoid today’s mental landmines.

You can attend this seminar online in the comfort of your own home. For best results, however, I recommend you connect with a local support center and surround yourself with a community of supportive peers. Click here to get started, and to gain access to the accompanying resources and study guide.

Don’t miss this opportunity to banish stress, welcome productivity, and feel better than ever before.

About the Presenter

David DeRose, MD, MPH
Host, LifeStart Seminars

For over 25 years Dr. David DeRose has been helping people improve their health through motivational presentations and natural therapies. He brings solid credentials as a board-certified specialist in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine in addition to holding a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Promotion and Health Education. Known for his engaging presentations, Dr. DeRose is an award-winning public speaker, published medical researcher, syndicated talk radio host, and experienced college teacher.

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