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Garlic for Your Heart

Heart disease patients were randomized to receive either garlic powder or placebo tablets twice daily for three months. The results were astounding in those that took the garlic powder. Their arterial function increased by 50 percent and their arteries’ structure...

Hydrate to Lose Weight

When you drink enough water you don’t only replace calorie laden drinks, but you also avoid dehydration which causes a decrease in your blood volume. According to a recent study, when the kidneys detect a drop in fluids they release an enzyme that causes a rise in...

Smile! It Doesn’t Cost You Anything

Of the 230,000 people followed for an average of 14 years in a study, those who were optimistic had a 35% lower risk for cardiovascular events and a 14% lower risk for early death compared with their pessimistic peers. “A merry heart does good like a medicine, and a...

Coconut Oil—Friend or Foe?

In recent years we have heard about the possible beneficial effects of coconut oil. It’s stable, doesn’t go rancid easily, and has a high smoke point. Besides that, coconut fat is pretty much neutral in taste, has a  good mouthfeel, and it is all-natural. But coconut...

Should You Skip a Meal to Lose Weight?

Until recently, the medical world has taught a calorie to be a calorie and thus in order to shed some pounds, we need to have fewer calories going in than we are using during the day. But is that still valid? Recent findings in the study of our body’s natural...

Obesity on the Rise in Millennials, Fueling Cancer

Cancers fueled by obesity are on the rise among young adults

Sad Facts of Opioids

Sad Facts of Opioids

Opioid deaths are higher than those due to hypertension, pneumonia and HIV/AIDS combined.

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