LifeTips for Optimizing Your Health

Absent Parents Influence Alcohol & Tobacco Use

One absent parent early in life results in greater risk for unhealthy behaviors by 11.

Romaine Lettuce E. coli Outbreak

CDC warns people to avoid ‘all types of romaine lettuce’ as E. coli outbreak continues to spread across 11 states.

Larger Bottles Linked to Later Obesity

Using bottles larger than 6 ounces to feed infants formula may lead to obesity.

WHO Supports Sugar Taxes

Nutritionally, humans do not need any refined sugar in their diet!

Heart Attack Risk Linked to Emotions

Short-bouts of intense physical activity and high emotions may be deadly.

Cardiovascular Disease is Not All in the Genes

The benefits of physical fitness extend to those at high genetic risk of CVD.

9 Secrets to Live Longer and Stronger
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