LifeTips for Optimizing Your Health

Warning: Avoid “Miracle Mineral Solution”

Again, the dangers of fake cures!

Possible Link Between Prenatal Caffeine and ADHD

High maternal caffeine consumption is associated with ADHD-like behavior at 11 years old.

REM Sleep Prunes Unneeded Connections

Too little REM sleep decreases the ability to remember information.

Did Your State Make the Grade?

New companies employ the same old dirty tricks to promote tobacco.

Reset Your Circadian Clock—Outdoors

Sick of going to sleep late and waking up tired? You need a couple of days camping!

Excess Weight Increases Risk of Eleven Cancers

The absence of excess body fat lowers the risk of most cancers.

9 Secrets to Live Longer and Stronger
Discover the nine keys that will help you regain your health, boost your energy, enhance your immune system, prevent premature aging, and stop the progress of degenerative diseases. Get your copy today!
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